Strawberry Quartz Bracelet
Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

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~All items are handmade with a pure heart, positive intentions, love & light~

This listing is for ONE bracelet.

This bracelet comes with a bag for storage. Items are smudged with sage for cleansing before being shipped out to their new homes.
Beads are all natural (not imitation or synthetic) and all beads are not exactly alike. You will receive a one of a kind piece. This bracelet is made to fit an average size 6 1/2 -7 1/4" wrist. 

Strawberry Quartz is Quartz with light red iridescent red hematite needles. It carries all the vibrations of Clear Quartz, with the additional attributes of universal love, understanding of purpose, and seizing the day. Strawberry quartz is prized for its gentle energy and soothing spirit. It brings a message of sparkling purpose within a soft and calm appearance. Strawberry Quartz has the ability to amplify intentions of love, gratitude and generosity, and can radiate those vibrations outward. Some wear Strawberry Quartz when trying to attract a soul-mate. Its pink color ray brings the power of new love, new romance, and new relationships. Relates to the Heart Chakra.

*Note: Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information*