Green Moonstone (Garnierite) Palm Stone
Green Moonstone (Garnierite) Palm Stone
Green Moonstone (Garnierite) Palm Stone

Green Moonstone (Garnierite) Palm Stone

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~All stones are handpicked and are smudged with sage before reaching their new homes~

These stones weigh approximately 3 ounces.

Garnierite is a unique and rare stone that assists you in stepping forward into the fullness of your soul and spiritual path. It is the stone that nurtures the nurturer and provides a replenishment after prolonged deep service or intensive healing work, and a reset for those of us who have not established appropriate boundaries of giving and receiving. It is both a refill of heart energy and a recalibration to dance in greater harmony with your personal balance.  

Moonstone brings your dreams and visions to life and represents fruition and completion. When these two stones are together like in this offering, you have a talisman that will guide you as you walk in the fullness of your soul’s path. The combination also gives stronger energies of flashes of insight, vision, and increased strength of the overall auric field, which is protective in nature from intrusion into your field by inappropriate influence.

*Note: Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information*